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Business Owner Insurance

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What is business owner insurance?

Business owner insurance, also known as a business owner’s policy, combines business property and business liability insurance into one policy. This policy can cover your business from claims related to issues like fire, theft, customer injury, and property damage.

How much is business owner insurance?

The cost varies per business based on certain coverage needs, type of profession, the number of employees, and claims history.

Do you need business owner insurance?

If your business has a physical location, you are in danger of getting sued, or you have important assets that could get stolen, this coverage is probably the right choice for your business.


Business Owner Insurance Helps Your Business in the Following Ways:


Physical Damage to Your Property

Coverage if your business suffers damage or loss due to fire, theft, and more.


Loss of Income

Coverage from income lost due to reasons out of the business's control.



Cover costs if your business is being sued.

  • Employee Discrimination Lawsuits

  • Employee Injuries

  • Professional Mistakes

What doesn’t business owner insurance cover?

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