Insurance for Small Business Owners, Built by Small Business Owners

Is your small business protected? RaisinBread can help you get the coverage you need.

Built for Small Business Owners, By Small Business Owners. 


Insurance You Can Understand

RaisinBread is a powerful, yet easy-to-use application that provides a seamless buying experience with coverage and terms you can understand. RaisinBread was designed to empower SBO's to understand how to protect their businesses.


Coverage Where You Need it Most

Choose your coverage with confidence. We make insurance buying a smooth process and give owners the ability to manage their risks and exposures in a transparent environment so you can be sure you’re covered in all the right places.


Affordable, Long-Lasting Coverage

We partner with select insurers who are aligned with our vision for products, technology, and the user experience to guide customers from insurance quotes to fulfillment and policy creation in real-time at prices your business can afford.

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